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Paint is in our DNA. Our growth is propelled by our constant need to innovate. We strive to stay at the forefront of
the paint recycling industry, tirelessly paving the way for a leaner, cleaner and greener paint industry worldwide.

Role of
at GDB

We live in an era of abundance. Not only have humans extended their lifespans, they have enriched themselves with unlimited accessories and resources. This comfort has often been achieved by over-exploitation of our planet’s resources. In the race of progressing, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, we have often thrown a blind eye to our footprints that are stamped on the clock of the time.

At GDB, we strongly believe that sustainability is the seed of the paint and coatings industry and that is where our expertise in technology and modern infrastructure sets us apart from the competition. Our focus on being a technology first corporate has allowed us to turn GDB’s circular economy strategy into a reality. Within our efforts of promoting a sustainable economy, we continue to prioritize the best and optimum uses of resources. Reduction of wastage of paints on the shop floor is a key objective of everyone at GDB. Reusing and effectively repurposing the same is a revolutionary step that has helped us become market leaders.

Credit to our in-house developed formulations and generation of new products, GDB has created a masterful reuse of various waste products in the paint and coating industry, which if left unserviced would have led to several million pounds of materials in land burials and fuel blending. This has led to a remarkable reduction in wastage in factories, industries and other applications. Following years of meticulous research and development, seeking the most viable environmental solutions for paint-related waste recycling, GDB today can re-utilize, both the oil and latex paints as well as raw materials in the most sustainable manner.

Impacting Megatrends
on the Paint Industry

Just like most consumer facing industries, the success in the paint industry is heavily reliant
on the ability to jump curves and innovate at a rapid pace.

At GDB, we have been at the forefront of revolutionising the recycling and paint industry, through decades. By bringing these two together in a sustainable circular economy through our meticulous efforts in continual advancement of science and technology into new frontiers, not only have we been able to reduce wastage of paint, but also effectively, reuse what otherwise would have gone to landfills or have been dumped irresponsibly.

We are taking on the challenge heads-on of recycling solventbased industrial coatings and paint raw materials by optimum use of futuristic technologies. Most of our recycling technologies are developed in-house and then exported as an IP globally to ensure that our planet is a better place.

Paint Recycling Plant
at Nashville

Inaugurated a state-of-the-art paint recycling facility in 2017 in Nashville, IL, USA.

This facility processes 20,000 gallons/ day and can expand its capacity up to 30,000 gallons/day, with a mezzanine floor system & automized batching systems to meet the multiple product range with higher output.

A well-equipped 1000 square feet lab area, with segregated labs for the Pilot process, Advanced testing, Applications testing, the Production & QC lab were set up for product QA & R&D.

Experienced scientist team, fast-paced work culture, and the impetus of innovation allow the company to envision and establish the following brand in the paint recycling business.

The Need for a Technology
Backed Paint Recycling Solution

Megatrends like globalisation, consumerism and socio-ecological issues have all played a very
significant role in shaping the success and path of progress of our country. As globalisation continues
and we emerge from the global pandemic, most industries are conscious of their carbon footprint and
the trail that their activities would leave behind. There is a new found focus on both performance as
well as eco-sustainability regardless of the region and the industry that we are talking about. In fact, 80
million gallons of paint, which equates to about 10% of all household paint goes unused each year and
as a result it is wasted. This is only in residences. Imagine the wastage in industries who generate their
major share of unused paint.

At GDB, we do not just develop our products for one market. We are keen to maintain a sound socioecological balance and keep in mind the several facets that encompass sustainability including focussing on using renewable raw materials, environmentally friendly technologies and responsible manufacturing processes where we minimize wastage. We strive to meet the demands of customers for sustainable solutions by utilizing all three of these approaches.

Net-Zero Water Technology

Fifteen years of expertise in the paint recycling field help the manufacturing facility design the recycling formulation without water use. Also, patented the manufacturing process doesn't produce the wash water from the paint manufacturing process. A systemically selected color gamut helps in easy color change in the manufacturing process and cleaning a packaging line. 

Stratified circular paint recycling

This technology improves the property of the finished product, diminishes customer complaints, and less disposal. Such as, Recycled paint can get sorted by various means of chemistries and colors. The multi-stage filtration process enhances the finished product attribute.

Modern, Sleek
Cutting Edge Equipments

The world of industry, technology and intelligence are merging and expanding at a breath-taking
rate. This unique combination is allowing for the manufacturing sector across the globe to
maximize productivity, open doors for innovation and widen the scope of possibilities. At GDB, we
embrace the change and are proud early adopters of the latest and most cutting edge equipment
which allows us to reach our mission of a zero-waste earth, faster and in a more efficient manner.
Through our state-of-the-art machine-monitoring technologies and innovations we have a realtime oversight of the entire recycling and manufacturing process that helps us to increase
productivity and efficiency in a way never before possible.

We are proud of being at the forefront of the change and adapting to application of new technologies. We have been advocates that technology frees up human resource, allowing us to find new ways to re-deploy the unique skills and talents of our diverse and talented workforce. The recent developments and advances in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality means that our technology has made our processes more efficient while our workforce has become more valuable in skilled areas; employing potential, rather than just a headcount.

Advanced Stratified
Filtration Technology

High-sized chunks of foreign particles get removed, and the 2nd stage
removes dried particles from paint. Exceptional designed metallic sieves
help in faster, consistent, and cleaner recycled paint product.


12 units of 50 HP HSD's ensure fine dispersion of the solid particles,
bringing them at a level of workable base paint in finished product.