GDB’s Post-consumer

Providing sustainable solutions
to the Paint Industry globally

of latex & oil paint recycled
(127 million gallons).
of cardboard, plastic
metal & wooden pallets recycled.
of recycling and
warehouse space
of wash solvent processed,
handled, and recycled.
GDB constantly employs resources to make post-consumer paint reusable by absorbing leftover paint and recycling it
to create a sustainable cycle that reduces the degenerative impact of the paint industry on the environment.
GDB’s Extensive Recycling Program helps not only in creating a sustainable product life-cycle but also benefits the people. This recycled paint is sold in our own retail stores and used largely in CSR Projects in developing and underdeveloped countries as well as for schools and educational institutions worldwide.

I have been in the paint industry for a long time and have come across complex processes that B2B businesses offer. But with GDB everything from start to finish is super easy and seamless. The way I procure the materials I need has changed. I’m saving a lot of resources and time on my backend work and utilizing it to get more business instead. With GDB it’s plain sailing in business.

B2B Customer - N. Gray